Soccer Training for Beginners

Defender   Besides the goal keeper, there are ten field players. The formation of soccer follows as 4-4-2.  The first is four defenders, who are the players in front of the goalkeeper.  However, there are no four members on the team who are designated as the defenders.  Rather, the coach of the team will select […]

Soccer Clubs

There are leagues for professional soccer all over the world in dozens of different countries, but any one league has to be limited to only one country under FIFA rules.  The exception to this is in North America, where the same Major League Soccer is from both the United States and Canada.  This differs significantly […]

Responding in detail to Mobile Active

Sharek961 | Sports club We posted around 140 reports on election day. 11 of those reports were LADE sourced. The other 129 were citizen reports (often with media sources). Since we launched 3 days before the election, we see this as a success, and view building audience as a long-term project. Although higher volume would […]

Why we’re such bad bloggers!

Please excuse us.  We keep promising to blog about things – our amazing meeting with the Social Media Exchange, our partnership with Demotix, Meedan, and Sawt Ashabab, our experiences putting together a team in Lebanon, heck, even our frustrations here – and we just haven’t done what we’ve promised! We’re a very small team – […]